Atephos mist eliminators by way of brownian diffusion

EFC Atephos brownian diffusion plus were developed to separate very small droplets/sub micron aerosols contained in acidic gases.

The plugs consist of a structure basket, depending on the application made from RVS 316, RVS 304, Titanium gr2, GRP, PP, PVDF….

Depending on the application, a specific filter medium is wrapped around this core. EFC provides an extensive range of filter media to use the most appropriate filter fibre depending on the application: the most common fibres are chemically resistant glass, polyester, polypropylene or carbon.

EFC has developed an exclusive wrapping method to produce extremely accurate filters for any application and according to the specific needs of the customer.

Principal activity sectors


Atephos brownian diffusion plugs with standard dimensions have a diameter of 600 mm and a height variating between 1800 and 5400 mm.

Principal technical characteristics

  • Maximum recommended speed for the filter media:0.25m/sec
  • Filtration level:100% efficiency starting with droplets of 3 microns, >99% efficiency for droplets under 3 microns

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  • On-site assistance and consulting
  • On-site or in-factory relining of used plugs, whether from EFC or not
  • Rental of a test installation

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