Installation of a test unit

The Atephos test installation from EFC consists of 3 separate components: a pre-filter, Atephos mist separator and an active carbon absorber. If necessary, a cooling battery can also be connected.

The pilot installation has been developed to process a gas flow of 1000 m3 / h.

After the pilot test, the customer has an extremely detailed picture of how a full-scale installation will function. The pilot installation allows EFC to determine the ideal type of pre-filter for the customer, the ideal condensation temperature and the type of mist separator.

Principal activity sectors


The test unit is equipped for the processing of 1000 m3/h gas.

Principal technical characteristics

  • Maximum recommended speed for the filter media:0,25m/sec
  • Filtration level:100% efficiency starting with droplets of 3 microns, 99% efficiency for droplets under 3 microns

Related services

  • On-site assistance and consulting
  • Installation of the test unit and measurement of results

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