Added values

Unique partner (Single Sourcing)

ETC acts as a “unique partner” and takes charge of your filtration needs, from the analysis of your existing situation to the installation and maintenance of your filtration equipment. Our specialized teams take care of all of the intermediate steps necessary, including the rental of mobile installations to test a new solution or respond to a temporary need.

Customized solutions

All solutions proposed by EFC in terms of industrial filtration are personalized and carried out in function of your specific needs and the norms pertaining to your industrial processes. Our management of stock and consumables is also adapted to your needs so that it allows us to react in real time.

“All in” services

EFC technical teams carry out an analysis of your needs, the development of adapted solutions, and the installation of filtration equipment, regular testing, maintenance and possible repairs. At any time and without delay, they will also provide you with the necessary consumables from their dedicated stock.

Mist eliminators production site

EFC has its own department dedicated to producing Atephos mist eliminating filters in Lummen (Belgium). This internal production capacity allows us to adapt our solutions to your specific needs and react within very tight deadlines. In some cases, our teams can disassemble your filters on site and assemble again to complete the service.

Dedicated stocking and logistics

By internally ensuring the management of dedicated stocks of consumables, EFC is able to take action in real time for all necessary maintenance or repairs. A maintenance contract for your filtration installations from our own team guarantees you a production tool that is constantly optimized in terms of filtration.

Rental service

The EFC rental service allows manufacturers to resolve a temporary oil filtration problem or test a solution before deciding to implement it on the long term. Our teams conduct the study and the installation of temporary filtration units. Follow-up for a temporary installation and the collection of measurements on site will allow you to evaluate the quality of our solution before making a long-term commitment.

Reduction of production costs

Optimal management of filtration based on a maintenance and follow-up contract allows EFC to reduce your costs for filtration and your industrial filtration processes while guaranteeing you a safe work environment. Our expertise in numerous activity sectors and our long-term partnerships guarantee the quality and continuity of our services.