About EFC

Company mission

EFC (European Filter Corporation) has the mission of managing all types of filtration necessary for industrial processes in a wide variety of activity sectors, from customized study to the implementation and maintenance of filtration installations. A strong spirit of innovation, extensive experience and a continued partnership with  worldwide well-known manufacturers have allowed EFC to acquire sharp expertise and an excellent reputation regarding filtration and industrial clean-up. By developing and implementing solutions that are perfectly adapted to your activity and by ensuring optimal “all in” management of your filtrations, EFC guarantees a more lasting and economic production process as well as a work environment that respects environmental norms.

Presentation of the company

EFC (European Filter Corporation) is active in filtration and industrial clean-up. Its activities include the filtration of air, liquids and oils as well as the elimination of dust, mist and filtration using active carbon. EFC acts as a unique partner and proposes complete service from personalized study to the implementation of filtration solutions and their maintenance by highly qualified personnel. EFC also ensures the management of stock and commercialization of consumables. To guarantee their “all in” service on the long term, the company has developed reliable partnerships and relationships based on continuity with their partner suppliers and their clients. EFC also proposes the rental of equipment to resolve temporary problems or to test a new solution before implementation.


In 1989, the company European Filtration Corporation (EFC) was founded in Lummen, at the heart of Belgian Limbourg. It extended its activity to Holland in 1990 and entered the French and Luxembourg markets in 1999. In 2004, the company developed the Atephos mist eliminator, which is custom-made in a workshop or on site. In 2013, the company settled in the new, modern buildings in the industrial zone of Lummen-Zolder, at the intersection of highways E313 and E314. This new location includes ultra-contemporary offices and a logistical and production center that allow for the continued growth and establishment of the company in new markets. The same year, EFC gained its own agents in Northern Africa and the Middle East. Since 2016, international expansion has grown to include dedicated agents in South Africa, China and South Korea.

External partnership

Regardless of the activity sector, from petrochemistry to the agri-food industry, EFC (European Filtration Company) acts as the only exterior partner in terms of filtration. Our “all in” intervention includes the analysis of the existing situation, a personalized offer according to your needs and the current standards, the development of specific, customized solutions, the implementation of equipment by our own teams, the follow-up and maintenance of installations, the management of dedicated stocks and the commercialization of consumables. Our long-term relationships with our partners and suppliers allow us to guarantee efficient and optimal management of the filtrations pertaining to your activity, so that your production processes are more sustainable and less expensive.