Dehydration units

Dehydration units use vacuum technology and are able to extract water from oil regardless of its form: free, diluted or in emulsion form.

They can filter lubrication oils, hydraulic oils and adjustment oils. In addition, they are equipped with a particle filter. The units can be installed in a definitive manner on the oil circuit or installed temporarily to solve a specific problem. The dehydration units are fitted with a water detector to evaluate the improvement of the oil quality.

Principal activity sectors

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Principal technical characteristics

  • Maximum flow: from 4 to 200 litres/minute
  • Efficiency: elimination of water < 20 PPM (0.002%)
  • Elimination of free and diluted gases
  • Presence of a high-efficiency particle filter
  • Recirculation: the unit can be placed above or below the oil reservoir
  • Water presence detector
  • Maximum usage temperature: 65 to 70°C

Related services

  • Follow-up and maintenance of permanent installations
  • Rental of temporary mobile units

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