Desiccant air breathers

Desiccant air breathers are intended to prevent the pollution of the oil reservoir by the air entering to compensate for the decrease in the oil level.

Using a Desiccant air breather, humidity is removed from the air entering the reservoir. The particles present in the air and of a size equal to or greater than 2 microns are also retained by the same filter with a 100% efficiency rate. This type of filter reduces the risks of oil contamination, and thus oxidation. No oil reservoir should go without one.

Principal activity sectors

Principal technical characteristics

  • Various tank connections possible
  • Air flow through the filter: 8 to 42 m3/h
  • Reservoir flow: 140 to 708 lpm

Related services

  • Installation and replacement of used filters on site by our teams
  • Provision of consumables

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