Particle filters

According to the application type, particle filters can be equally placed in the main circuit or the return circuit from the machinery in order to avoid the contamination of the oil reservoir.

They generally concern the filtration of lubrication oils, hydraulic oils and adjustment oils. Sheaths for particle filters and the mobile filtration units are also available for high, medium, or low oil pressures. Sheaths and dual filter units prevent the interruption of production processes to change the filters. EFC also provides the installation of temporary units to test a new solution or to resolve a specific problem.

Principal activity sectors

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Principal technical characteristics

  • • DFE-tested filters (Dynamic Filter Efficiency) for a constant performance with variable flows
  • Available with a water absorption layer
  • Efficiency : Beta 1000
  • Filter fineness: 1 à 25 microns
  • Maximum usage temperature: maximum 100°C

Related services

  • Provision of standard dimension consumables or customized cuts
  • Installation of temporary mobile units

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