Active carbon filters

Active carbon filters are intended to absorb volatile organic components and purify the ambient air of principally undesired odours. They are always used with the interposition of a pre-filter, and can optionally be completed with the addition of a post-filter.

They are regularly utilized in industries that produce asphalt, pavement, solvents, paint, etc., or sectors that must remove certain chemical substances, such as ozone, from the air. Active carbon filters are available in the form of cassettes, caissons or cylindrical cartridges.

Principal activity sectors

Principal technical characteristics

  • Recommended work speed: 0,5 m²/s
  • Airflow rate cassettes:up to 1,500 m³/h
  • Airflow rate caissons:up to 2,000 m³/h
  • Airflow rate cartridges:from 30 to 105 m³/h/ cartridge
  • Initial pressure loss: 50 Pa for a work speed of 0,5 m²/s
  • Maximum usage temperature: maximum 50 to 55°C
  • Maximum usage humidity rate: 95 %

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