Air filtration

EFC combines a solid experience and ongoing collaboration with the best filter manufacturers. Our company is able to bring you specific solutions for all of your air filtration needs.

Besides providing the most current air filtration techniques, EFC also provides concrete and practical solutions for problems regarding the elimination of aerosols, toxic dust and odours, the extraction of viruses and bacteria, etc., and all with full respect for the current standards and regulations. From the agri-food sector to petro chemistry, numerous industrial sectors can count of EFC’s know-how to improve the air quality of their sites and their environment. Our specialists can help you through the filtration process.

Some products are still described according to DIN EN 779. However, this standard was replaced in 2018 by ISO 16890, which introduced a new classification system that our producers of course meet. It is therefore necessary to be careful in reading the technical data sheets and in choosing the products that must now comply with this new ISO standard.

Our specialists will gladly provide you more information.

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