Filter media

EFC provides filter media in the form of thin mats composed of polyester fibres or interwoven fiberglass without the addition of a bonding agent. The media can, in some cases, be coated with a protective layer that prevents the dispersion of fibres. Otherwise, it can be soaked with oil to better retain impurities.

Principal activity sectors


  • Filter media: rolls of 20.00 x 2.00 m
  • Media for paint booths: rolls of 20.00 x 1.016 or 1.524 m
  • Customized cut available on demand
  • For stainless steel or aluminium cassettes, the standard dimensions vary from 305 x 610 mm to 610 x 610 mm or custom client dimensions

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Principal technical characteristics

Standard filter media

  • Several filtration classifications according to ISO 16890
  • Average filtration rates according to the norm
  • Recommended airflow rate: 900 to 5,004 m³/h/m²
  • Retention capacity under 250 Pa: 147 at 691 g/m²
  • Maximum usage temperature: maximum 100°C
  • Maximum usage humidity rate: 100 %

Filter media for paint booths

  • Initial resistance: 6 to 40 Pa
  • Recommended final resistance: 80 to 130 Pa
  • Airflow rate: 2.500 à 6.300 m³/h/m²
  • Retention capacity: 3,500 to 5,900 g/m²
  • Retention of paint mist: 90 to 95 %
  • Maximum usage temperature: -15 to 80°C

Related services

  • Replacement of used filters on site by our teams
  • Provision of standard dimension consumables or customized cuts

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