Mist elimination pilot unit

The Atephos test installation from EFC consists of 3 separate components: a pre-filter, Atephos mist separator and an active carbon absorber. If necessary, a cooling battery can also be connected.

The pilot installation has been developed to process a gas flow of 1000 m3 / h.

After the pilot test, the customer has an extremely detailed picture of how a full-scale installation will function. The pilot installation allows EFC to determine the ideal type of pre-filter for the customer, the ideal condensation temperature and the type of mist separator.

Principal activity sectors


The test unit is equipped for the processing of 1000 m3/h gas.

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Principal technical characteristics

  • Maximum recommended speed for the filter media:0,25m/sec
  • Filtration level:100% efficiency starting with droplets of 3 microns, 99% efficiency for droplets under 3 microns

Related services

  • On-site assistance and consulting
  • Installation of the test unit and measurement of results

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EFC Mist Elimination pilot testing

All EFC Pilot test devices are designed to handle a maximum gas flow 1000 m³/h and  inlet temperatures to 200°C.
Test equipment is designed to evaluate in different filtration steps the best possible solution for a full scale unit to eliminate solids, mist and VOC in gas streams.
Typical industry Organic mist abatement, pvc flooring, pvc moulding,pvc wall paper manufacturing  asphalt processing, bitumen processing.
As a result the customer will have detailed information on operational costs, pressure drop loss, removal efficiencies and maintenance costs.


Gas temperature will be reduced to condensation temperature and in different steps the gas will be cleaned from solids, mist and VOC to reach practically zero emissions.

Heat exchanger 1: cooling capacity : 39 kW
Heat exchanger 2:  cooling capacity : 25,2 kW
Pre filter / demisting unit: solid particle filter – demisting unit ( > 3 micron ): 2 stage unit
Pre filter / demisting: solid particle filter – demisting unit ( > 3 micron ): 3 stage unit
Atephos Mist eliminator: sub micron mist removal
Active Carbon adsorber: VOC / odour removal

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