Elimination of mist

Atephos mist eliminators are produced by EFC in Lummen (Belgium). These mist eliminators are capable of reaching an efficiency level of 99.5% for sub micron aerosols. For droplets over 1.5 microns, the efficiency is 100%.

EFC Atephos mist eliminators removes droplets/aerosols using three different mechanisms: agglomeration and impingement for droplets larger than 10 microns, direct interception for droplets between 1 and 10 microns, and brownian diffusion for particles smaller than 1 micron. They increase production output, decrease pollution in the area surrounding the production site and prevent the deterioration and corrosion of production installations. Our specialists are available for any specific study.

The following are some examples of the application of Atephos mist eliminators:

  • Production of ammonium nitrate, pavement, asphalt, compressed gas, chlorine, nitric and sulphuric acid, vinyl, etc.
  • Capture of grease vapours in the agri-food sector, spinning oil fumes in the textile industry, etc.

Below, discover the different types of mist eliminators and their associated services