Bag filters

Bag filters are the least costly solution in investing for the filtration of liquids. The liquid enters the cylindrical bag through the outer opening and flows through the filter media from the interior towards the exterior.

The choice of filter media is made according to the section of particles to be retained, the type of particles (deformable or not), the efficiency of retention, the compatibility of the media with the temperature and the potential presence of chemical agents in the liquid. The filter media is essentially made of felt woven with polypropylene and polyester. Other materials, such as nylon or PFTE, for example, are also available.

Principal activity sectors


  • Standard sizing is provided here
  • Cylindrical bags from 105 to 180 mm diameter, length of 230 to 810 mm, the 180/810 dimension is the most common

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Principal technical characteristics

  • Filtration efficiency: up to 99.98% for impurities between 0.5 and 5 microns (absolute filter)
  • Maximum flow: 6 to 40 m³/h
  • Filtration surface: 0.07 to 0.50 m²
  • Initial pressure loss: < 0.1 bars
  • Maximum pressure loss: 1.5 to 2 bars
  • Maximum usage temperature: maximum 93 to 260°C (in function of the filter material)

Related services

  • Provision of consumables
  • Rental of filtration units for temporary use or validation of a solution
  • Stock management possibility

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