Filtration of liquids

EFC has build experience in the field of the filtration of liquids. Our wide range of filters provide a solution for the filtration and clarification of all types of liquids, whether the impurities have a natural origin or come from the manufacturing process.

EFC provides liquid filters adapted to all types of liquids (composition, viscosity, etc.) with the required filtration efficiency and the volume to be treated. In addition, EFC guarantees a concrete solution regardless of your filtration problem, from simple particle retention to filtration in the food industry. Our specialists are available for any specific study and will make any installation available to you to test, interpret and validate the results.

Several types of application:

Filtration of chemical products, solvents, lacquer and paint, water, liquids for consumption, etc.

Note: The filtration of oils is covered in the sections “Hydraulic filtration.”

Our products:

Below, discover our different types of liquid filters