Capsule filters

Capsule filters are one of the most innovative products in the field of liquid filtration.

The idea is to prevent all contact between the operator and the soiled filter candle and the liquid, which makes the production application of coatings, printings inks and adhesives very convenient. The stainless steel casing for the capsule is not in contact with the liquid and no longer needs to be cleaned when changing the capsule. In addition, the capsule has a single mounting direction, thus, the operator cannot make any installation mistakes. Finally, the evaporation of solvents during the replacement of the capsules can be limited to a minimum. The capsules are available with or without an upper ventilation opening, and are available in numerous formats and dimensions.

Principal activity sectors

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Principal technical characteristics

  • Maximum operating pressure: 6 bars
  • Operating temperature: from 0 to 50°C

Related services

  • Replacement of used filters on site by our teams
  • Provision of consumables
  • Rental of filtration units for temporary use or validation of a solution
  • Stock management possible

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