Hybrid cartridge filters

The hybrid cartridge filters are meant for the deep filtration of liquids heavily charged with particles such as high viscosity liquids, gels, adhesives or paints.

Made with polypropylene and nylon and containing diatomaceous earth, they ensure a progressive filtration of the largest to the smallest impurities. The hybrid cartridge filters guarantee a continuous flow and prevent any rapid decrease in flow at the start of the operation.

Principal activity sectors


  • Cylindrical cartridges of 67 mm in exterior diameter and 125 to 1016 mm in length
  • Available in numerous models with different fittings as DOE, code 3, code 7, code 8

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Principal technical characteristics

  • Filtration efficiency: 99,98%
  • Maximum differential pressure at 20°C: 2,5 bars
  • Maximum continuous usage temperature:80°C

Related services

  • Provision of consumables
  • Rental of filtration units for temporary use or validation of a solution
  • Stock management possible

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