Metallic cartridge filters

Metallic cartridge filters are mainly intended for filtrations under very low or very high temperatures, of highly aggressive chemical products or with significant pressure differences.

The cartridges are usually made from stainless steel but Inconell, Hastelloy are also possible. They are available in various media such as woven material, sintered fibre or sintered powder according to the type of application. Our specialists are available to help you make the best choice in function of your application.

Principal activity sectors


  • Cartridges available in standard sizes or custom-made
  • Various filter media available: see higher in the text
  • Available in various models in terms of fittings and fastenings

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Principal technical characteristics

  • Maximum difference in operating pressure: from very low to very high
  • Operating temperature: from -269 to 1,000°C

Related services

  • Cleaning of reusable filters
  • Provision of consumables
  • Rental of filtration units for temporary use or validation of a solution
  • Stock management possible

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