Plate filters (or module filters)

The main advantage of plate filters is their work in terms of depth, which facilitates a greater retention of pollution when compared with surface filtration. 

For this type of filter, the liquid passes through the entire surface of the filtering filter medium to retain impurities. The frame assembly of the plates allows additional frames to be added in order to increase the filtration surface. The filtration plates are composed of cellulose and diatomaceous earth. The plates can also be equipped with active carbon. This type of filter is mainly used to clarify a liquid by removing cloudiness, an odour, a taste or a colour. During their production, the plates are wrapped in a vacuum filter.

Principal activity sectors


  • In addition to the standard 40×40 cm and 60x60cm format of filter presses, any other format, round or square, with or without holes, can be delivered upon request

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Principal technical characteristics

  • Maximum difference in pressure: 2,4 bars
  • Maximum usage temperature: 82°C

Related services

  • Provision of consumables
  • Rental of filtration units for temporary use or validation of a solution
  • Stock management possible

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