Electrostatic treatment units

Turbines using a low flammability hydraulic fluid made with phosphate ester (EHC) are sensitive to the presence of very small sections of contamination that are not soluble in the fluid and to the presence of water.

The micro-particles are usually impossible to eliminate using a particle filter. The ECR (Electrostatic Contamination Removal) treatment unit works using a high voltage electrostatic field and purifies the oil to guarantee an optimal level of operation. It has the advantage of eliminating the risk of servo valves blocking and increases the time before an oil change is needed.

Principal activity sectors

Principal technical characteristics

  • Flow: from 18.0 to 37.5 litres per minute
  • Capacity of impurity retention6.8 kg/ element
  • Changing the ECR elementon pressure drop or after 4,000 hours
  • Content of the reservoir to be treatedfrom 1,125 to 30,000 litres

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