Varnish treatment units

The presence of particles and water in oil as well as temperature lead to oxidation and ultimately result in a varnish.

With the MPC method (Membrane Patch Colorimetry) it can be established in the laboratory whether the installation is subject to a potential varnish risk. A value of ΔE lower than 15 is considered good, which over 40 is considered critical and requires an oil filtration intervention. The varnish units can absorb the particles contained in a solution through a resin filter and filter the already exited sub-micron particles from the solution.

Principal activity sectors

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Principal technical characteristics

  • Flow : FSTO unit for small reservoirs and SVR unit for larger reservoirs
  • Efficiency : Beta 1000
  • Presence of a resin filter and a high-efficiency particle filter
  • Maximum usage temperature: 65°C

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