Hïvy and EFC make Hard Seltzer

In the spirit of our national holiday, we would like to introduce one of our Belgian customers. Hïvy is a Hard Seltzer, a slightly alcoholic sparkling water with a fresh, fruity taste. The production of this 100% Belgian product uses our filtration techniques, applied to their specific needs.

EFC Belgium has many years of experience in liquid filtration, and specifically in the beverage sector. Our extensive filter range offers a solution for the filtration and purification of all types of liquids, whether the impurities are of natural origin or a result of the production process. Our specialists carry out specific studies by providing a test installation and interpreting, validating and scaling up the results. The innovation and opportunities in this sector are driving the development of new products like this one.


A standard treatment consists of a particle filtration, followed by an activated carbon treatment for the perfect result. Based on your process parameters, product properties and goals, we will work with you to find the best solution. Which form of filtration and which type of activated carbon work best for you. In this way we also contribute to the success of this unique, delicious and fresh drink, Hïvy!