Hïvy en EFC maken Hard Seltzer

In het kader van onze nationale feestdag, stellen wij graag één van onze Belgische klanten voor. Hïvy is een Hard Seltzer, een licht-alcoholisch bruiswater met een frisse, fruitige smaak. De productie van dit 100% Belgische product maakt gebruik van onze…


EFC can help with clean and sterile air to prevent the spread of the COVID-19

Cleaning & maintaining the ventilation system is important for its efficient performance and to avoid risk of contamination.


FILTECH – Save The Date

EFC will be present on the Filtech Fair in October. Save the date to discover new technologies and our product range.


We proudly present our brand-new product in our filter range.

PVPP stabilisation is important for the removal of haze-active polyphenols. It allows beer or other beverages to be stored and minimizes reduction in clarity. It reduces cooling haze in beers that are served extra-cold.


EFC is part of the Technology Hive!

"The Technology Hive" is an initiative of 6 industry leaders. We combine our technological know-how for more sustainability in Brewing & Beverage.


Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence


Maintenance fair 2019

We’re part of the Maintenance 2019 fair in Antwerp. You want to know more about E.F.C. and Ekopak? Then come visit us on our booth B2013, where we’ll be present from 27th of March till the 28th.


Cooperation Fluid Treatment Alliance

May we introduce? Our latest cooperation with among others Ekopak. Thanks to our cooperation we can offer you the best possible solution to your needs.